Thu 27 Jul 2023 20:54

Payment Methods

    Payment in full can be made online via our online Game Management System provided by the RFU.

    Payments can be made in instalments via our online Game Management System, provided by the RFU.

    Payments can be made in person to our Membership Secs Alec Adams or Georgina Plant.

Key Points

  • Anyone wishing to play rugby for our senior sides must hold a current Colt, Vice-President or Senior Player membership.
  • All youth rugby playing members - Colts, Juniors and Minis - must be affiliated to RWBRFC as a minimum, and RFU registered if they are playing adult rugby. Please check with your Team Manager. Please note that Senior Colts (17+) will also need to complete the Senior RFU Registration process.
  • To play senior rugby all adult players must be RFU registered by completing the Senior RFU Registration process.
  • All Senior members must be aged over 18 and all Mini & Junior members must be under 18. Each under-18 member must have, as a minimum, one parent or guardian as a member of the Club.
  • New members must complete the appropriate membership application process. The preferred method is online using the RFU’s GMS system.
  • We also have paper-based application forms for those who are unable to use the online process. Application forms are white for adults and yellow for under-18’s. Each applying member must complete a separate form and pay their fees upon joining. Please submit completed forms to your Team Manager, or to Alec Adams or Georgina Plant, along with appropriate payment.
  • All direct debits must be fully paid by 30th April 2024. Please note that payment by instalments is not ‘pay as you go’. Once joined, you are committed to pay the full amount for the season.
  • Existing members will be able to renew online and do not have to complete a new membership form. Details for the new season are sent direct to existing members during the summer.
  • For new adult members, an electronic membership card will be issued once your application has been approved and you have requested your card via email. The electronic card system allows us to provide you with tangible benefits such as discounted pricing at the bar.
  • Membership cards should be carried whenever you visit the club. Your card has a unique number associated only with your membership details. You can add money to your card at the Club bar by providing cash, cheque or debit or credit card, or you can add money online via our GMS system.
  • Once your membership application has been approved you will be able to access the club membership database to update your personal details. Access is password-protected and members are restricted only to their own data.

Unique Email Addresses in GMS

In order to create an account in GMS for an individual aged 18 or over, a unique email address must be attached to the account being created, this means the email address cannot already exist against an existing account.

It is imperative that the RFU are able to manage records of rugby competitions and of rugby players as efficiently as possible, and in compliance with Data Protection legislation (GDPR) we need to be able to determine that each record held in the GMS database corresponds to a unique person, and that we can manage the preferences of that person.

For this reason, every record in GMS must correspond to a UNIQUE email address, and that the email address is VERIFIED as active. Email addresses that are already linked to a record in GMS can't be used for new records.

The RFU is aware of the legacy data challenge in GMS whereby existing accounts contain email addresses linked to more than one account, primarily children and parents.

An exercise is currently underway to clean up this data and remove email addresses against child records where a parent is already linked, therefore ensuring that an account only has unique email details linked to it. Once a child reaches the age of taking control of their account, a parent will be able to add an email address unique to that child to the child's account. The RFU will communicate next steps on tidying up this email data in due course.