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Royal Wootton Bassett RFC is the proud home of the Bassett Ravens - an inspiring rugby programme for girls in school years 7 to 13.

As an established community-based rugby club, we take pride in offering first-class sports and social facilities to Royal Wootton Bassett and the surrounding areas. With a team of dedicated coaches, all of whom are RFU-qualified, we ensure our young players receive the finest guidance and support possible.

We believe in empowering girls to tap into their inner warrior, fostering confidence, and nurturing dynamic skills. Our girls' teams for Under 12s, Under 14s, Under 16s, and Under 18s offer a clear pathway for competition at various levels, ranging from local fixtures to thrilling regional rugby tournaments. We foster a culture of healthy competition, motivating our players to unlock their full potential and achieve greatness on and off the field.

Join us at Royal Wootton Bassett RFC, where we strive to create an inclusive and supportive environment, enabling girls to thrive in the world of rugby. Together, we will build a brighter future for female rugby enthusiasts and unleash their boundless possibilities.


Here are some essential details to get you started:



The playing season runs from the first Sunday in September to the second Sunday in May, with short breaks for Christmas and Easter. Ravens training is held on Friday evenings, with home and away matches usually organised on Sundays.



The club is located at Ballards Ash Sports Ground on Malmesbury Road in Royal Wootton Bassett. There is ample free parking available on-site.

Our full address is:
Royal Wootton Bassett RFC, Ballards Ash Sports Ground, Malmesbury Road, Royal Wootton Bassett, Wiltshire SN4 8DS

To maintain the safety and cleanliness of our sports grounds and clubhouse, we strictly prohibit dogs on the pitches and within the club grounds. Please respect this policy when visiting our facilities.




Our inclusive programme includes Under 12s, Under 14s, Under 16s, and Under 18s teams, providing young female athletes with the perfect platform to excel in the sport they love. For even younger girls at primary school age, our Minis section offers a fantastic introduction to the game.

We're passionate about welcoming new players into our rugby family, which is why we offer free taster sessions for the first four weeks of training. It's a wonderful opportunity for your daughter to experience the thrill of rugby and see if it ignites her passion for the sport. Just come along, join in the fun, and our Team Managers will be there to assist you with the membership process and discuss joining fees.



Make sure your daughter brings a water bottle and appropriate sportswear.

Studded rugby (or football) boots are essential footwear for playing on the pitch. We strongly recommend the use of a gumshield during contact training or matches. Some players may also choose to wear a scrum hat.

If your child has asthma, inhalers should be labeled with their name and brought to every session. 

Since rugby is a winter sport, consider providing waterproofs and warm clothing for both players and parents. Keep in mind that muddy kit and boots are not allowed in the Clubhouse, so having a clean change of clothes in a kit bag is a good idea.




Our Ravens Club Shop is managed by Michael Hope and offers a range of playing shirts, shorts, socks, and more. Adult sizes are also available. Orders can be collected from Michael Hope or delivered for free direct to the club for you to collect. For this, choose the 'delivery to school/club' option. Orders can also be sent to your home address for an additional postage fee.

Ravens playing shirts are provided for playing matches and must be handed in at the end of each game.

A club tie, white shirt, and black trousers are usually worn by players after each game.



Rugby is a winter sport, and while we do our best to facilitate sessions in the rain, it's essential for players to dress appropriately for the conditions. When the weather gets cold and wet, ensure your child is suitably dressed to avoid interrupting training sessions.

If wet weather arrives, players should change before entering the clubhouse, removing studded or bladed footwear before walking on the patio or inside. Wet or muddy clothes and footwear should be removed before entering the clubhouse, and kit bags should be kept outside or in the reception area.

If lightning is forecast or pitches are deemed unsuitable for play, sessions may be cancelled at late notice, so please stay informed through our communication channels.




The Ravens' Team Managers will organize team communications through Whatsapp Communities.

Important club-wide communications will either be sent via Whatsapp or by email. You will find it useful to follow our social accounts to stay informed about club news and last-minute communications:

Our club website is a valuable resource for staying up-to-date with events and news around the club. You'll find fixtures, results, match reports, details of club events, social activities, and contact information for team representatives from each age group.



All our teams participate in regular club fixtures, competitive tournaments, and rugby festivals against other clubs in the area. The season's fixtures are arranged in advance, and information will be shared by your Team Manager.

Rugby tours are a cherished tradition at our club, and each year, our Ravens teams organise their own rugby tours in the UK or abroad, which further strengthen team bonds and offer new experiences on and off the field.




We take health and safety seriously at our club, with trained first aiders available each week to address on-field injuries. Parents are expected to remain on-site during training sessions or matches to support their children and be available in case of any injury.

Our coaches are also qualified first aiders, and during the season, we run courses in First Aid and Child Welfare. As a parent, if you are interested in attending these courses or volunteering to assist the club, please contact our Director of Rugby.

If your child is ill or injured, please inform your Coaches or Team Manager so that they can tailor their session accordingly. A downloadable copy of our Safeguarding Policies Document can be found on our website, which aligns with the current RFU Safeguarding policies and procedures. For any questions or concerns, reach out to our Club's Child Welfare Officer.



Playing rugby involves some risks, and we maintain a firm but fair approach to discipline. If a child's conduct becomes unacceptable or dangerous, they will receive an explanation and be asked to refrain from the behaviour. If the behaviour persists, they may be instructed to sit out the session for ten minutes. In case of continued misbehaviour, your Team Manager or Coach will discuss the matter with the child's parent or carer.

Swearing, in any form, is not tolerated by children or accompanying adults. We encourage you to read our Parent Charter Booklet, available online or in the clubhouse, to help us create a safe and enjoyable environment for all children.




Your support as parents is essential for your child's rugby journey. We believe the time spent travelling to and from rugby sessions can be a valuable bonding opportunity.

When offering feedback to your child, focus on their progress and effort rather than the outcome, as outcomes are often beyond their control. Words of encouragement like 'Play hard!' and 'Enjoy yourself!' before a game, or 'How did you play?' and 'Did you enjoy yourself?' after a game, can make a significant difference. Above all, the best six words a child can hear after playing are 'I love to watch you play.'



Our club is entirely run by volunteers, and we rely on our members to lend a hand when needed. There may be weeks when we are short on volunteers for various tasks, and we appreciate your willingness to step up when asked.

If you are interested in getting more involved with training, team management, or general administration, we would very much welcome your contribution! Please talk to your Team Manager or our M&Js Chairman to learn more about volunteering opportunities.




For new members, we offer four weeks of free training to allow them to experience rugby and determine if they enjoy the game before committing. However, once they decide to join, it is a club requirement for all participating adults and children to become fully paid-up members. This ensures that players under our care are protected by our youth section rules and covered by relevant insurance. You can find more information and fees on our website.

Once membership is processed, club members can request an RWBRFC Membership Card, enabling cashless payments for drinks and snacks at the bar and kiosk, with a 12% discount on purchases. You can add funds to the card over the bar or top-up credit online before visiting the club. 



In addition to the Ravens' Team Manager and Coaches, you may meet other officials from the wider club. A comprehensive list of club contacts is displayed inside the clubhouse.

Finally, welcome to the Royal Wootton Bassett RFC family! We are thrilled to have you and your child join our club. We strive to provide an enjoyable and rewarding rugby experience for everyone involved, and we look forward to sharing the thrill of teamwork, the power of physicality, and the joy of forging lifelong friendships.


'Guided by the heartbeat of Ravens' - an AI poem


We turned to Artificial Intelligence to craft a poem that beautifully encapsulates the spirit of the Bassett Ravens, an exceptional group of young athletes thriving in Rugby at Royal Wootton Bassett RFC.

Join us as we celebrate their unique bond, nurtured by dedicated coaches and driven by growing ambition on the pitches at Ballards Ash. This remarkable poem was entirely generated and performed by AI, from prompts that described the Ravens' journey.

Girls interested in joining the team can enjoy four weeks of free training to experience the excitement of rugby for themselves. Contact to find out more.