Sat 03 Aug 2019 22:14

Payment Methods

    Payment can be made via our online Game Management System provided by the RFU.

    Payment by instalments via our online Game Management System provided by the RFU.

    Payments can be made in person at the Clubhouse to our Membership Secretaries, Alec Adams and Steve Cameron.
    Cheques may also be posted in the black postbox outside the club entrance.

Key Points

  • Anyone wishing to play rugby for our senior sides must be a Colt, a Vice-President or hold a current Senior Playing Membership.

  • To play, rugby members also need to be registered with the RFU. Please check with your team manager. Please note that new Senior Players and new Senior Colts (17 and over) will also need to complete a Senior RFU Registration Form.

  • All direct debits must be fully paid by 30th April 2019. Please note that payment by instalments is not ‘pay as you go’. Once you have joined, you are committed to paying the full amount for the season.

  • All Senior members must be over 18 and all Mini and Junior members must be Under 18. Each under-18 member must have, as a minimum, one parent or guardian as a member of the Club.

  • New members must complete the appropriate forms: ‘White’ for adults and ‘Yellow’ for under-18’s and pay their fees on joining. Each applying member must complete a separate form.

  • Please submit completed forms to either your Team Manager (details on website) or to Alec Adams or Steve Cameron along with the appropriate payment.

  • Existing members will be able to renew online and do not have to complete a new membership form. Details for the new season are sent direct to existing members during the summer.

  • For new adult members an electronic membership card will be issued once your application has been processed and approved. The electronic card system allows us to provide you with tangible benefits such as; discount pricing at the bar. Membership cards should be carried at all times when visiting the club. Your membership card has a unique number associated only with your membership details. You can add money to your card at the Club bar by providing cash, cheque or debit or credit card, or you can add money on-line via our GMS system.

  • Once your membership application has been approved you will be able to access the Club membership database to update your personal details. Access will be password protected and members will be restricted to only their personal data.